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ALETHEIA is the Greek word for 'truth'. The New Testament was originally written in koine (pronounced koinae) Greek. This Greek predates Classical Greek, and was used by the common people. The word 'aletheia' has survived through the centuries and is used by Greeks today.
"...the truth shall set you free" (John 8:32).
"Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth." (John 17:17).

DEFENCE OF THE FAITH is the electronic (web page) arm of Aletheia Publishing.
This is a non-profit ministry dedicated to a clear presentation of the Christian faith.

DAVID HOLDEN completed writing "God's Witness to Himself" in 1990. He started Aletheia Publishing in 1992 and publicly launched in January 2006.
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Food For Thought
He who who declares, 'There is no God!' Declares himself to be an accidental arrangement of atoms. Photo
(18 October 2012).

A new paper uploaded
      A new paper titled, "The Deity of Jesus Christ" has been uploaded.
The person and work of Jesus Christ is quite facinating, and some aspects are nothing short of astounding. The keen Bible student will not tire of this area of study. The fact that Jesus Christ is a part of the triune Godhead has been established doctrine in the Church from its birth in the early first century. This doctrine did not come under serious attack until Arius from Alexander in Egypt taught the view that Jesus is not of the same substance as the Father, but rather, he is a created being. This teaching persisted in some sections of the Church from around 318-380 AD. The views were examined by a council of Bishops in Nicea (in modern Turkey) in the year 325. The teachings of Arius on this subject were found to be in serious error. Out of the discussions, the Nicene Creed was drawn up. This creed highlights the important points of Christ's person and work.
       Because a cult (the Jehovah's Witnesses) actively promote a denial of the deity of Christ, I have been asked by Christian friends to write a brief article proving from Scripture that he came to earth, not just as a man, but also God. 100% God and 100% man. This paper is brief at just two pages. The first page contains ten bullet points which are a handy quick reference to key passages of Scripture on the subject.
(2 pages). Deity.pdf
(Uploaded on 01 June 2018 ).

A helpful read on the failure of the theory of evolution
       Ten very helpful youtube links have been added to the popular article, Can The Theory Of Evolution Survive The Attack Of Science? (.htm version only). Information on a DNA repair mechanism has also been included. The repair mechanism is amazing. It is clear that the one who designed the DNA and put in place a DNA repair mechanism, possesses a super intelligence - that which is far beyond anything man possesses. We worship an awesome God! Click on link: Attack.htm
(Uploaded on 01 October 2015 ).

A Christian Perspective
This page presents a Christian perspective on historical and religious events. Go
(Updated in February 2016. ).

       Read, God's Method of Saving Sinners, The importance of this subject should not be underestimated. When Christians drift off to various sects and cults, or become cold in the faith, often the central cause is a poor understanding of God's method of saving sinners. The devil has less of an opportunity to make mischief in the Church when Christians are well grounded in this subject. Furthermore, the person who knows this subject well is in a good position to explain the Christian faith, partly because this subject exposes the inadequacies of the false religions of this world. Discover for yourself the importance of this subject. A helpful diagram has recently been included. This paper now has some helpful information at the end for study group leaders (total 8 pages). Salvation.htm
See link at end of section one for printer friendly version.
(Uploaded 01 February 2014).

The theory of evolution story
       The Atheistic theory of evolution story asserts that chance random accidents in the genetic code (mutations) produced the human body along with the interconnected complicated organs.
The story has the unspoken claim that a series of accidents in the code give complex organs, while at the same time, the accidents don't destroy organs. For instance the accidents don't destroy an eye, a liver or the nervous system; which I think is rather cute to say the very least.
Science reveals insurmountable problems with the theory of evolution story. To find out more, look at, Just A Few Accidents and Can The Theory Of Evolution Survive The Attack Of Science? See first section below, Exploring the basics of Christianity.

The various sections on this page:
  1. Exploring the basics of Christianity. Go
  2. Helpful Teaching. Go
  3. Refuting Error. Go
  4. Other Issues. Go
  5. Introduction and how to get the most from this web site. Also, rules of sound theology which the author works by. Go
To jump to a brief description of each article, click on section number. To directly access the article, click on blue link.

Section 1. Exploring the basics of Christianity
Origins: How did I Get Here?
Just a Few Accidents: Click on
Accidents.htm Printer friendly version (.pdf). Accidents.pdf
The Beginning of Everything: An Atheist talks to his son. Beginning.htm Printer friendly version (.pdf) Beginning.pdf
A humorous look at the evolution of the monkey. Monkey.htm or printer friendly version Monkey.pdf
The Mathematical Impossibility of the Theory of Evolution - Maths or printer friendly version Maths.pdf
Can the Theory of Evolution Survive the Attack of Science? - Attack.htm or Attack.pdf

How Can I Get Right With God?
Four Things You Need to Know. Four Things.htm
Do You Want Happiness? Happiness.htm
"The Objective Evidence For The Christian Faith" Objectivity.pdf
God's Method of Saving Sinners. Salvation.pdf or Salvation.htm

Section 2. Helpful Teaching
The Witness of Prophecy Prophecy.pdf
An Introduction To Typology and God's Working Through Jonah Jonah.pdf
God's Covenant With Abraham Abraham.pdf
The Kingdom of God Kingdom.pdf
God's Covenant With King David (A very interesting study in typology) King David.htm
A printer friendly version of "God's Covenant With King David" and "Jonah" are contained in the booklet "The Hand of God".
God's Working Through Joseph (Another interesting study in typology) Joseph.pdf
The Love of God Love.pdf
All Israel Saved Israel.pdf
The Judgment of God And A Place Called Hell Hell.pdf or .htm ver. Hell.htm
The Inspiration and Authority of Scripture (10 pages) Scripture.pdf
Sanctification: How should I live? (10 pages) Sanctification.pdf
"Hand of God", (22 pages) deals with the clear sovereign hand of God in major events in the Bible and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Hand.pdf

Section 3. Refuting Error
Pentecostal Errors
      Most of the errors dealt with in this section relate to the Pentecostal Church as it was back in the 1970s and 80s. Thankfully, this section of the Church, in the vast majority of cases, has learn't from past mistakes. There is now a greater emphasis on sanctification through applying the teaching of Scripture to the life of the believer. Scripture is the God ordained means (John 17:17).

Miracles: All that glitters isn't necessarily gold (8 pages).
Tongues In The Light of 1 Corinthians 14 Tongues.pdf
The Promise of Health and Wealth Wealth.pdf
A Revelation of Hell? A critique of Mary Baxter's alleged trip to Hell and back. Critique.htm or Critique.pdf
Who Are The Brisbane Christian Fellowship? This sect featured on the ABC programme, "4 Corners" (23/6/08). BCF 3ed.pdf
Now available in .htm version. BCF3ed.htm

Other Errors
The denial of the Deity of Christ (2 pages). The first page contains a handy ten point bullet list of key passages of Scripture which prove the deity of Jesus Christ: Deity.pdf

Women in Church Ministry WomenMinistry.pdf

The Christian Sabbath Or The Jewish Sabbath, Which Should I Follow? Sabbath.htm or Sabbath.pdf
The King James Version Challenged: A look at the claim that the King James Version is the most accurate version. KJV.htm Or PDF file KJV.pdf
Conspiracy Theories. Do they make sense? Conspiracies.htm
The International Bankers Conspiracy Theory BankConsp.pdf
Murder at Port Arthur: Was it a Conspiracy? Murder.htm or Murder.pdf

Section 4. Other Issues
The Earth. A look at its design. Earth.htm
Man Overboard: A lesson on faith. Faith.htm
A Critical Look At Homosexual Union. Homosexual.htm - or printer friendly Homo.pdf

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Section One Exploring the basics of Christianity
How Did I Get Here?

" Just A Few Accidents"
An Atheist gives an unconvincing explanation to his friend as to how air breathing animals developed from microbes. He is stumped when asked to explain how death came into the world. His Christian friend gives him the correct answer. This story has been turned into a very effective play by young people in Churches. At just one page, this is a quick and interesting introduction to the subject of origins. Accidents.htm Printer friendly version (.pdf). Accidents.pdf
Uploaded on 01 April 2008.

"Can The Theory of Evolution Survive the Attack of Science?"
The theory of evolution would have us believe life came about because of an amazing accident. Some bits and pieces bumped into each other, and behold, life was formed. After more amazing accidents, various animals, birds, fish and even man came into existence. This paper shows that science is hostile to the above idea (20 pages). It contains some very recent scientific discoveries which deal a severe blow to the theory, for instance the creation of synthetic life which proves the creation of life can not come about by accident. Also see page seven which reveals Darwin's dark and nasty secret. Darwin thought the Australian aborigines were a missing link, consequently many evolutionists at the time thought they were animals, so a large number were shot. Thousands of bodies were sent to British museums in a desperate and failed attempt to prove them to be a missing link.
An addendum was added in June 2010. In this spot I place technical details for those who like that sort of thing. See for instance the creation of synthetic life and the difficulties the scientists encounted before achieving their goal. Also read about the change of thinking of the world's foremost Atheist, Anthony Flew. The .htm version contains links to helpful web sites for additional information. Attack.htm or Attack.pdf
Uploaded on 01 May 2010. Last addendum update: 01 October 2010, .htm version revised and expanded.

"The Beginning of verything"
An Atheist tries to explain to his son the origins of the world and everything it contains. His son realises his explanation is not very convincing. Click on link to find out why. Just one page in length with a further page of End Notes. Beginning.pdf
Click on this link for fast .htm version of document with endnotes. Beginning.htm

"The Evolution Of The Monkey"
A humorous look at the evolution of the monkey. Monkey.htm or printer friendly version Monkey.pdf

"The Mathematical Impossibility of the Theory of Evolution"
Of all the arguments exposing the failings of the theory of Evolution, I believe this is the most powerful. This paper shows that even a hypothetical simple form of life which is attempting to gain a new organ with a DNA code of just one thousand letters would quickly run into unsurmountable problems if code was added in a non-intelligent manner. The incorrect code could not be removed in many trillions of years. This is demonstrated through maths in a hypothetical situation where unrealistic parameters in favour of the Atheist are given. A good read for those who like maths (four pages). The Mathematical Impossibility of the Theory of Evolution - Maths.htm or Maths.pdf
Uploaded on 14 April 2010. Revision uploaded on 03 March 2016. HTML ver. on 21-3-16.

Maths and Origins
Before looking at the above paper, consider the following:
0 + 0 = 0. That is, nothing plus nothing can only give nothing.
If there was nothing in the beginning, there would be nothing now.
Matter + 0 = matter. That is, matter plus nothing will simply leave you with matter.
Matter + energy = matter scattered all over the place. No sophisticated structure.
Matter + energy + intelligence to produce matter with an intelligent design.
God is the ultimate source of all matter, energy and information.

How Do I Get Right With God?
"Four Things You Need To Know "
Four spiritual laws of God you need to be aware of. This article is helpful if you are exploring Christianity. Four Things.htm
Uploaded on 01 October 2006.

"Do You Want Happiness?"
In order to find happiness, it is important to discover how mankind lost it. To find out more, click on link happy
For printer friendly version (pdf file, 1 page), click on happy.pdf

"The Objective Evidence For The Christian Faith"
Christians not only have a subjective experience that tells them their faith is true (God dwells within us by His Spirit). They also have the objective testimony of history, a history which has many more witnesses than many of the major events in secular history which are important to us. Objectivity.pdf

"God's Method of Saving Sinners"
The importance of this subject should not be underestimated. When Christians drift off to various sects and cults, or become cold in the faith, often the central cause is from a poor understanding of God's method of saving sinners. The devil has less of an opportunity to make mischief in the Church when Christians are well grounded in this subject. Furthermore, the person who knows this subject well is in a good position to adequately explain the Christian faith. This really is a must read.
Addendum titled "The Consequences of Salvation by Faith" added and uploaded in July 2006 (5 pages). Salvation.pdf or Salvation.htm

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Section Two - Helpful Teaching
"The Witness of Prophecy"
God is not subject to time. He knows the past, the present and the future perfectly. God has revealed to his prophets some amazing things. Find out more from this paper, click on link (5 pages). Prophecy.pdf

"God's Covenant With Abraham"
What does God's covenant with Abraham have to do with the promise of eternal life and the world to come? Are Gentile (non-Jewish) believers included in the covenant? Click on link to discover the answers (4 pages) Abraham.pdf Uploaded on 01 August 2006.

"The Kingdom of God"
Jesus gave teaching on the Kingdom of God from the beginning, right through to the end of his public ministry on earth. To find out why this subject is important, click on link (4 pages). Uploaded on 01 October 2006. Kingdom.pdf

"God's Covenant With King David"
Discover from this paper the amazing way in which God guided the life of King David so that he would clearly point to Jesus Christ as the rightful heir to the throne. This paper presents a good example of the much neglected subject of typology. Click on link to find out more (five pages). For PDF version, see paper above titled "Hand of God". Uploaded on 01 November 2006 King David.htm

"Introduction To Typology and God's Working Through Jonah "
The subject of typology has not been looked upon very favourably in past years. This paper explains why. It may also stimulate your interest in this line of study. Those who ignore this subject are missing out on quite a lot. Some passages of Scripture can not be properly understood without looking at them in the light of typology.
See how a few dramatic days in the life of Jonah point to the life and work of Jesus Christ. Jonah.pdf
Uploaded on 01 August 2011

This paper (3 pages) will further enhance your understanding of the subject of typology and the sovereign hand of God in major events recorded in the Bible. Those who like the paper on Jonah will also like this paper. Uploaded on 01 April 2007 Joseph.pdf

"The Love of God"
The character and behaviour of God has profound implications for the whole of mankind. We can't clearly understand ourselves without understanding our maker. This paper provides food for thought as to how we should live. Teachers should challenge the young people in particular with this subject. But good for the 90+ as well.
The last page of this paper is a handy reference for the defence of the trinity. Love.pdf
Uploaded on 02 May 2007

"All Israel Saved"
Some do not accept a plain reading of Romans chapter eleven. They believe the word 'Israel' really means the Church. This article shows that belief to be false from the immediate context, other passages of Scripture, respected Bible commentaries and recent historical events (four pages). Uploaded on 01 November 2007 Israel.pdf

"The Judgment of God And A Place Called Hell"
This is a subject that can stir up much debate. So is best to be well armed with answers. Many preachers have put the subject in the 'too hard basket'. However, it is a blessing to get a good grasp of this subject. This paper includes the subject of the intermediate state which many find interesting (six pages). Hell.pdf or .htm ver. Hell.htm
Uploaded on 01 February 2008, revised February 2012.

" The Inspiration and Authority of Scripture "
This paper tackles some of the false views which undermine respect for the Word of God, and presents a corrective (10 pages). Scripture.pdf
Uploaded on 10 December 2008.

" Sanctification: how should I live? "
This paper explains the doctrine of sanctification. It also looks at some of the mistakes which have been made in the past before moving on to the subject on how to walk before God (10 pages). Sanctification.pdf
Uploaded on 04 January 2011.

"The Hand of God"
This booklet combines several papers, namely:
"God's Method of Saving Sinners", "Jonah", "God's Covenant with King David", "God's Covenant with King David Regarding his Son" and finally, "The Baptism of the Holy Spirit".
If the paper on Jonah has wet your appetite for more material on typology, then this is the paper for you.
This article leads on to the subject of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is best understood in light of the previous subjects dealt with in the booklet. This is a fresh look at a sometimes contentious subject. A wealth of helpful information is provided in just twenty-two (22) pages. Uploaded on 01 March 2007 Hand.pdf

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Section Three - Refuting Error
Pentecostal Errors

      Most of the errors dealt with in this section relate to the Pentecostal Church as it was back in the 1970s and 80s. Thankfully, this section of the Church, in the vast majority of cases, has learn't from past mistakes. There is now a greater emphasis on sanctification through applying the teaching of Scripture to the life of the believer. Scripture is the God ordained means (John 17:17).

"Miracles: All that glitters isn't necessarily gold"
The subject matter covered is not a big issue in the current wider church because the Churches which fell into error have learn't from their mistakes. However, we should not be complacent, mistakes forgotten can be repeated. It is best to be well informed.
Miracles: All that glitters isn't necessarily gold (8 pages). Miracles.pdf
Uploaded on 06 September 2017

"Tongues In The Light of 1 Corinthians 14"
The Corinthian Church had several problems, one being their use of unintelligible tongues in the worship service. What exactly was the problem and how did the apostle Paul handle it? Read this article (4 pages) to find out. Tongues.pdf
Uploaded on 01 July 2007

"The Promise of Health and Wealth "
This paper looks at the non-Christian origins of the claim that Christians will always achieve health and wealth, if only they have enough faith (6 pages). Click on Wealth.pdf
Uploaded in 2006

"A Revelation of Hell?"
Mary K Baxter has written a book titled, "A Divine Revelation of Hell" in which she claims she was taken on a personally guided tour of Hell by Jesus. There is much evidence to show that the source of the story is very much human, not divine. Others have spun similar stories. Click on the link. Critique.htm For a PDF version of this file, (2 pages) click on Critique.pdf

"Who Are the Brisbane Christian Fellowship?"
The Brisbane Christian Fellowship, also known as BCF, is a Christian sect that has caused so much heartache in some Christian families that it eventually attracted the attention of the secular media.
The ABC programme Four Corners aired a documentary on this exclusive group on 23/6/08 detailing some of the damaging influence by this group upon family relationships.
This sect (many prefer to label it a cult) believes that those who fail to join them in their doctrines and practices will perish in the great tribulation of the world.
This paper exposes the false doctrines being promoted through their book Unto Perfection and gives a biblical response. It also reveals some of the troubling history of the sect. The first two editions of this paper came out in 1993. A much need 3rd edition came out fifteen years later on 01 September 2008. A couple of photos and additional comments were added on 05 October 2008. This booklet is essential reading for those who have friends or relatives caught up in this sect.
Those who want more information on the history of the sect/cult should consider "APOSTLES OF FEAR: A church cult exposed" by Morag Zwartz. 234 pages. This book gives a very revealing account of the interpersonal relationships between those at the top and those being controlled. RRP is $29.95, but some bookshops may discount, e.g. "Koorong Books".
Click on link - BCF 3ed.htm or printable .pdf version. Size: 22 pages, magazine format. File size 395 Kb. Last .PDF file update was on 05 October 2008. .htm file uploaded on 01 December 2009. BCF 3ed.pdf

If you want to take a quick look at the first five pages of this booklet in the current format, then click on the .htm link. BCF2ed.htm

Other Errors
"The Deity of Christ "
In the period 318-381AD, the deity of Christ was denied by Bishop Arius of Alexander in Egypt and his followers. His views were shown to be false at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD. In modern times, a cult (the Jehovah's Witnesses) deny that Jesus Christ is part of the Triune Godhead. This brief paper answers from Scripture, the false claims (2 pages). Deity.pdf
(Uploaded on 01 June 2018)

"The Christian Sabbath Or The Jewish Sabbath, Which Should I Follow?"
Some believe they must follow the Jewish custom of worshipping on Saturday. Some even believe they will be cast into Hell if they worship God on the wrong day! If you have friends who are caught up in that false belief system, you might like to direct them to this page. A paragraph on the situation in Samoa regarding the Sabbath was added in January 2012 to the .htm version (contains links to additional helpful material). (Uploaded on 07 September 2010) ... Sabbath.htm
For slightly shorter printer friendly version (4 pages, .pdf format) Sabbath.pdf
(Uploaded on 01 September 2010)

"The King James Version Challenged: A look at the claim that the King James Version is the most accurate version"
This paper has proven to be quite popular with many readers. It now reveals how the Bible came down to us and why it can be trusted. It is 18 pages in the hard copy and PDF versions.
Material which finds many errors in the modern translations but none in the KJV, needs to be recognised for what it is; propaganda. This paper presents some of the errors in the KJV, and also reveals information which is often hidden from view in the propaganda material. There is a warning about some particularly inaccurate versions toward the end of the article. For the benefit of those who want additional information, some helpful youtube links have been added at the end. KJV.htm Or PDF format KJV.pdf
(First revision in March 2006. This revision uploaded on 01 June 2015).

"Women In Church Ministry"
This paper looks at the sometimes contentious issue of wheather or not a woman should seek ordination in order to lead a Church (7 pages). It also looks at the important issue of what gives us value. Does it come from the position we hold in society, or in the Church?
(Uploaded on 05 July 2018)

"Conspiracy Theories"
Conspiracy theory writers: Are they giving us the real story behind the headlines, or are they just lying through their teeth?
Conspiracy theories have been on the increase in the last few years. Do the stories they tell match the facts? Read this article for some answers. This paper takes a brief look at the most prominent of the conspiracy theories and has links to the conspiracy theory articles mentioned below (six pages). Conspiracies.htm
Uploaded on 01 December 2006. "Roswell Incident" included in January 2007.

"The International Bankers Conspiracy Theory"
This paper challenges the claim that Communism was established by wealthy bankers to control the world - an elaborate conspiracy to control us all (4 pages). BankConsp.pdf

"Murder at Port Arthur: Was it a Conspiracy?" Addendum (one page) added in June 2006
This paper challenges the claim that the massacre of 35 people at Port Arthur in April 1996 was a conspiracy by the government in order to disarm the Australian public. The faulty reasoning behind this theory is the same faulty reasoning that is sometimes used to discredit the Christian faith.
Addendum: On the tenth anniversary of the massacre, The Bulletin magazine interviewed Roger Larner who lives a minutes drive from the Port Arthur site. Larner reports, “I talked with him for about 10 minutes; he wanted to know where my wife was but I told him she wasn’t home. She was, actually, but I knew she didn’t want to see him’" (The Bulletin 04 April 2006, p. 21). This revelation from someone who knew Martin well, places him and his distinct car (a Volvo with a surfboard on top) in the vicinity of the attack, just minutes before it took place. To read more on this report (one page), click on .htm link Murder.htm
Click on link for pdf. version of the complete paper (16 pages). Murder.pdf

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Section Four - Other Issues
The Earth
The earth spins on its axis which has a tilt of 23.5 degrees. The tilt is important for spreading the heat from the sun over a wide area of the earth. This article is well illustrated with photos. It is updated each year with new equinox and solstice dates and times. Uploaded on 01 August 2007, updated yearly. Earth.htm

"Man Overboard"
Read this true lesson from life on faith. A boy who can not swim falls from a ship. Because of his faith in the captain of the ship, he lives. Click on link. Faith.htm

" A Critical Look At Homosexual Union"
Several governments around the world in 2012 have considered the demand by the homosexual lobby to allow civil unions or even marriage for homosexuals. Much of the hype in favour of the proposal actually deflects attention from the real issues in this matter. Just what are the negative consequences? More importantly, what does the Bible say about homosexuality? Homosexual.htm - or printer friendly Homo.pdf
uploaded on 01 July 2012

There are two ways to study the Bible. Using the analogy of a tree, you can study closely the individual leaves, or you can study the trunk and branches. The best way to understand the leaves is to first understand the tree i.e. trunk and branches. Consequently, the main thrust of this web site is to give an overall picture of what the Bible is saying. At a later stage, I might look closely at some verses of special interest, but for the present, the first priority is to clearly reveal the bigger picture.

Use: How to get the most out of this web site
HTM and PDF: The papers available for download on this site are in HTM or PDF format. Some are in both formats. The page you are now looking at is in .htm format. Most of the .htm documents are text only, which means they will usually load in one second or less.
PDF: Documents in .pdf format retain the original formatting. This type of document is ideal for those who wish to print a copy of the article they are viewing. Use the back arrow on your web browser to return to the home page after viewing a paper.
Tip: For a quick look at a document, view the .htm file first. Use back arrow to return to this page.
Search: Press Control-F (Control and F together). The search text box will appear. Enter the word you want to find and hit Enter. The cursor will jump to the first instance of the word.
Alternatively, use the Index at the top of this page. Click on the blue coloured link for the page you are interested in.
Hard Copy: With some of the papers, I have aimed to keep the length down to four A4 size pages. They are then photocopied onto one sheet of A3 size paper and folded to DL size. Over time, some papers may gain additional notes which will be added to the end of the document rather than woven into the body of the text. The article The Mathematical Impossibility of The Theory of Evolution is a case in point. An additional couple of pages have been added to that document.

The Rules Of Theology
Rules of theology are not usually set out in a formal statement. You won't for instance, find a set of rules in the highly regarded separate works on Systematic Theology by Louis Berkhof, Wayne Grudem and Charles Hodge. Good Bible students tend to work by good rules in at least a sub-conscious fashion.
I am going to set out some rules I work to - at least in a sub-conscious fashion, because I find that when people fall into serious theological error, it is usually because at least one of the rules have been broken.

  1. Obtaining a good grasp of biblical doctrine begins with God. Sound theology is subservient to who God is (His character) and to His plan and purpose.
  2. The passage must be read in its context. Not just in its immediate context, but in the context of the whole of Scripture. Not forgetting:
    (a) The context of the type of literature. For instance, historical narrative, teaching, prophecy, poetry, allegory, typology and apocalyptic. The difficult book of Revelation is an example of apocalyptic literature.
    (b) The context of the culture of the time.
  3. The New Testament interprets the Old Testament.
  4. Major doctrines of Scripture are not overthrown by the minor - correct priorities must be observed.
  5. Sound doctrine glorifies Christ.
  6. The plan which God has for his worldwide Church is not overthrown by a plan which a denomination, sect or cult has for its group of believers.
  7. All doctrines (teachings) of the Bible are in harmony (no contradictions). They are logical, but not always fathomed by the human mind.
With regard to doctrines having rank (point 4), when Jesus was asked, which is the greatest commandment? He not only gave us the greatest commandment, but also the commandment which is second in rank. Firstly, we are to love God. Secondly, we are to love our neighbour (Matt. 22:36-39). For more information on issues such as interpreting Scripture and rank (correct priorities) see the paper, "The Inspiration and Authority of Scripture" under section (2) above, "Helpful Teaching".

To get the most from this web page, the documents should be read in the following order:
  1. The Beginning of Everything or The Mathematical Impossibility of the Theory of Evolution
  2. The Objective Evidence For The Christian Faith
  3. God's Method of Saving Sinners
  4. The Witness of Prophecy
  5. God's Covenant With Abraham
  6. The Kingdom of God
  7. Sanctification: How should I live?
  8. The Hand of God
  9. The Judgment of God And A Place Called Hell

Please return to this web site every two or three months as it is my intention to keep uploading new papers until further notice.
If this web site has been a blessing to you, please let others know. May God bless.


Scripture references used on this web site, unless otherwise indicated, are taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version ®. Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Publishing House. All rights reserved.
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